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Sometimes the name comes to mind right away and other times you wander for days and hours and nothing, at least that's how I have it. I wanted something internationally neutral (if so, so already) and be a multi meaning analogy, and so Coffee fever resp. Coffee ever, a bit of coffee fever forever (although it actually contradicts my own philosophy, not to pursue a quick to opportunistic gain, where I do many things differently than the mainstream and the biggest fashion). But on the contrary, I like a thing with lasting value and quality that will last for ages or at least years, so you will not find cheap and low-quality products here, neither Lavazza or similar mainstream mass production products too.

We may want to do it a little differently than most, you won't find well-known coffee brands here: neither Illy or Tchibo, just as I don't indulge in overpriced luxury with, for example, in my opinion the dubious Kopi Luwak civet coffee. We want to do it mainly humanly for people, Doing what we like (human overlap), if someone wants advice, then with all sincerity and truthfulness, not to sell and at the same time glorify what I need to sell because I have a surplus or a good margin . We don't want to be a store where we try to suggest to you that in the rush of crowd psychosis from pre-Christmas sales or Black Friday, etc. you need to buy quickly in action, or perhaps the goods will no longer be. We will not offer an 80% discount on goods that we have increased by 79% yesterday, or tell stories that they are only supposed to sell and have in common with the truth about sci-fi stories. We mainly want to please our customers and make you or the recipient happy. Because then we are also happy when our customers return to us and in time this shop will hopefully become such a good habit and part of where you like to return.

We may be very conservative and not looking for any quick opportunistic gains, but we want to offer services that are based on more than a decade of experience in coffee, tea, chocolate and the accessories needed to prepare them. We don't have a complete need to sell this to supermarkets that take the soul of the store and hardly anyone will advise you or find anything really interesting and high quality, because the first are the results for shareholders and nice Excel spreadsheets ... not a customer with their needs, but psychology shopping behaviors and other beliefs of modern business. Yes, I am sentimental and we want to get good products for you as well, as well as distributors who have not always found a store in a smaller town, where they would ask for quality, although less known goods and not just ask for how much and brand that is known to everyone, but it's not in supermarkets ..., and that's inherently contradictory ... That's why we were created so that you could find just such products and they were delivered directly to your house.

If we have the opportunity, we like to offer products from organic farming and it is very important for us to know our suppliers and sometimes even further. That is why we take trips to suppliers and farmers trying to figure out why their products are good and what affects the quality itself, but also what they are like and how they live.

We will try to listen to you what would make you happy and what you are looking for and respond to the stimuls, and to further develop and continue to look for a way that can be a goal. Honesty and truthfulness without cheap marketing tinsel is for us more connected with quality service than money spent on marketing. We will try to go more along the path of folk literature than invest large sums in the media and raise product prices. We will strive for a favorable price-quality ratio of the product, but also services with advice or pleasant delivery, as well as to adequately assess complaints with a human dimension and perhaps once in a while to please with little attention.

And it is equally obvious for us that not only do we know our suppliers, but we also taste our products and test them, otherwise we could hardly be a good advisor, but you also have to understand that with more than a thousand products, not always and everyone knows everything about everything, so sometimes they have to ask their colleagues. And just as we think that everyone has the right to their tastes, what they like, just as I drink more tea (although I like coffee, especially filtered and small black), so my right hand and partner in life and business, on the contrary, coffee with milk, Ooh poor milk ... why not.

That's why we look forward to finding a way to make you happy in our business, and let us know whenever we can improve

so good black :-)